Monday, August 12, 2013

High School- beneficial or a bandaid

So here you are, standing on the edge of the stage.

Waiting to hear your name, shake hands, and receive a piece of paper stating you made it through the easiest part of your life.

That's right, you heard me.

In high school, you realize that EVERY was sugar coated. Oh you forgot to turn a paper in? Just turn it in the next day for a couple points marked off. Forgot your lunch? just borrow some money and pay it later.

I went to a conservative, public, predominantly white school. Farming is a big deal in this side of PA. Conservative teachers, conservative administrators, conservative students. Vicious cycle, huh?

I can easily sit here and tell you I learned nothing of value in high school. Sure, I know the quadratic formula, Einsteins theories, and how to write a synopsis.

Why did I never learn how to balance a check book? Or anything about our president and today's challenging economy? The importance of bills? How to study? ( I really don't understand that one, because as a sophomore in college, you think I would've learned that by now)

Yes, I learned the basics. I took advanced placement history and english classes. But there are SO many options out in the world and we all have so much potential.

What do you think? Is what I'm saying making sense?

I craved more experience in high school. I wanted to see things, participate, and grow. I had this idea that after I graduated this would be EASY.

 can you believe that? me either.

I faced multiple challenges with school, failed a few classes, drank too much, and lost sight of who i was.

Instead of GLORIFYING the graduation of high school, we SHOULD be giving the students hard helmets saying "brace for impact."

Okay, I bet you're thinking "she's 19. what the hell does she know?" I'm growing, each and every day. The past experiences that I've had have been a nightmare. But what doesn't kill, heals and leaves some pretty interesting battle scars.

Maybe I'm ahead of my time. yes, but I wish I would've been better prepared.

I'm dying to hear some of your thoughts,


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  1. I like this post because I have had many of these thoughts as well. Nobody ever told us the real truth about life and made us face it for what it was. I feel like the united states is not as smart as other countries like India and China because we dont make our teens see life how it is. Life is hard and you cant just rewind or try again tomorrow.