Saturday, October 5, 2013

pure love

Right at the change of the semester I found myself walking through my high school's hallways on an average January day. 

At approximately 10:30AM, I laid eyes on a boy that would change my life forever. 

I lost my breath and could tell at that very moment I wanted to get to know him, be with him. 

Little did I know he was the foreign exchange student from France (Seeing that Paris is the love capital of the world, it's kind of interesting).

As I took the bus home that day, I found that same face on MY school bus. I immediately lost my breath and I felt a weird tingling feeling behind my knee caps. He caught sight of my face and gave me a small smirk of a smile. 

No, I didn't work up the courage to talk to him on the first day but I wish I had (he was my neighbor and I wasn't about to make an awkward next six months).

Days passed and I saw him everywhere. Does he see me? Does he think i'm pretty or anything? Will he talk to me? 

Finally, I sat down in the same bus seat as him and introduced myself. "Hi, i'm katie blah blah blah... do you like the US?" Basic questions. 

We exchanged numbers and friend requested me on facebook. we made arrangements that night to see each other and he walked to my house and met my family (moving fast, huh) . 

Okay toward the end of February, he asked me to be his girlfriend (FINALLY). We got serious, and fast. Seeing each other every day at school and then going home to see one another you would think we would get sick of each other. I would pick him up for school, make us both coffee and be on our way. 

I lived 6 months in absolute denial. He would never be going home and we would never ever break up (typical yet unusual high school relationship). June 26th rolled around and the next thing I knew I was standing in his drive way with tears running down my face. 

I couldn't look at him. I felt his tears hitting my head but I could look up at his face to see him upset. Oh I loved him. I kept saying we would be okay and that we would always have one another in our lives. "I love you and i'll never ever forget you" were his last words to me. I drove back to my house, sat in my car for a bit and let the tears fall.

I wanted to run right back that that drive way and beg him to stay. I wasn't strong enough to handle it and I wanted him to be with me forever. sleepless night after sleepless night. I felt like hell and I sure looked like it too. 

I didn't hear from him. Why wasn't he letting me know he made it back okay? Or saying he missed me or something? I started panicking and fast. Two weeks of silence and I finally snapped. We weren't the same and we lived an ocean apart. The relationship ended and we tried being friends. After many months of trying, we were able to be ourselves together. 

So now I'm here. Strongest than I've ever been and talking to the boy who won me over time and time again. We message each other a couple times a week and Skype when it fits our schedules. I'm studying abroad next year in France and plan on meeting up with him again. 

I learned love exists everywhere and some of us are lucky to find it so young.

Oh, and heres some pics of us! :)